Life Readiness & Training

The Life Readiness Center provides Wellness and Rehabilitation from


  'Alcohol Addiction

  'Pre-Diabetic Circumstances

  'Abusive Situations

We provide a Holistic Approach to Wellness including:

  'Nutrition Balance and Detox

  'Mental Awareness and Physical Fitness

  'Learning a new trade/skill

Therapy Animals

  'We know the value an animal brings to our lives!

  'For those desiring a therapy animal, we will prepare, train and have 

   you bond with your therapy animal during your stay and then leave with 

   him/her when you're ready to return.

Equine Therapy

  'Horses have an uncanny way of helping folks deal with stress, PTS, traumas and more!


Art Therapy

  'Our ability to express ourselves via many outlets, including art, offers healing. 

Our program is Out-Of-Country to promote:

  'New Environment ~ Away From The Old

  'True Chance to Experience Change

They say it takes 21 days to BREAK a habit and we say 

  another 21 days to CREATE new ones... This 42 days equals 6 weeks; our 

  minimum required stay.

Medical Professionals

  'Evaluate each person (intake and exit)

  'Creates the right plan with each person, including the trade skill to pursue while on site

   are standing by should any need arise for emergencies

Each day involves all of the elements for success life:

  'Life Skills (sleeping right, waking up on  time, eating well, healthy work, healthy routines…)

  'Daily Focus (setting goals on a daily basis)

  'Daily Routine Development (doing the simple things consistently)

  'Daily Trade/Skill Development (hard work)

  'Fun on weekends (time to relax and enjoy Costa Rica and have recreation)

Return Refreshed with New Skills

  'By embracing and following our suggested life changes, we believe each person

    has the ability to recover and move forward and move ahead in life

  'You will have new skills, including new trades skills

...and from our Director, Steve Durgin

  "We’d love it if you could join us as you venture forward in your life, taking on the challenge to change your life.  We offer a different kind of healing environment.  ...from the healing waters of the ocean or waterfalls, to hiking or ziplining in the jungle, or just meditating in the clear air surrounded by the noises from the forest...  you'll be amazed at the power of nature!  There will be some relaxing, but also some work since we also want you to return with new skills ~ this takes work.  We’re here to help medically, socially, physically, and emotionally.

                  When you're ready... We help you get ready for LIFE again!


                                 Hope to see you soon!"

Full Plan Details

Seize the day!

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