Life Readiness & Training

Have a desire to help us get started?

We have several options... and of course we'd love it if you could join us in developing a world class center for healing!

Option 1:  Make a contribution to Victory For Veterans, our non-profit partner, who in turn will invest in the Life Readiness Training Center


Option 2:  Make an investment and earn a 15% annualized return, 15% interest only for 30 months and a balloon payment of all principle on month 30.



Option 3:    Choose the Purchase Option... meaning you invest in a future home in this location, min 1,500 sq. ft; 3 beds, 2 bath home, fully titled in YOUR name - guaranteed to occur in 3 years.  You will have choices in designs.  Prior to the 3 years LRTC uses your funds to start the center and fully develop the property.  We have slots only for (10), now 4 purchase options ~ so if this interests you, please contact us as soon as possible. 

Here's the schedule of Investment opportunity:

Stage One (available now) is for the first 10, and 6 have joined, so 4 remain at the investment of $150k.  This option is only available until the land is purchased and the internal road is complete; estimated to be end of May 2020.   Home and Land valued at $350k+

Stage Two will begin after the completion of the internal road, at an investment of $175k.  This option will remain available until the infrastructure is complete (water and power acquired).   Only 5 lots will be available at this price.

Stage Three will open after infrastructure is complete, estimated around Aug 31, 2020 and then only open until Dec 31, 2020.  Stage three investment will be $250k.  Only 5 lots will be available at this price.

After Stage Three, all investments will be at market rate, estimated around $350k value.


[A home like this would retail for $350k-$500k in today's market and this will only increase over the next years ahead... why?  New hospital is 10 minutes away, new golf course, small airport and a new marina is in the works... all of these improve the area which improves home values!]

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