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Life Readiness Training Center evolved from a need to help any who struggle with over-eating, alcohol, pre-diabetes, folks suffering from abuse, PTSD, MST, TBI and more.

Do you long for the opportunity to get out of your current environment and give yourself a shot at change?

FIRST OF ITS KIND: Wellness and Skills Training


In additional to health and wellness, we also teach real life skills like:

Nutrition, Agriculture, Construction, Land Development, Trades, Technology, Small Engine Repairs, and more...

This is NOT a hospital environment!  You are out in nature ALL the time!  But, this isn't a vacation either.  We put you to work.  We believe healing is internal and external... You stay active.  Before you leave we coordinate your return, whether that's a new job based on your newly acquired skills, new location or more... 

Why Costa Rica?

Because it is NOT where you are!  And it happens to be one of the top destinations for tourists around the world! 

Year round temps between 75 - 85 (F) or 24 - 30 (C). Surrounded by nature!

Explore our site to learn more, or write, call, text or chat and we'll do our best to show you around!

We partner with Victory For Veterans to bring this healing and training to our much needed Veterans and First Responders needing to heal from their past, from PTSD, MST and TBI. 

We partner with Service Animal organization, Wellness Wishes and Equine Therapy partners.

For those who desire it, we will have a therapy animal waiting for your arrival.  During your time here you'll bond and train with this animal and then... you take him/her home with you!  Therapy animals bring healing...

Departing folks will have the opportunity to stay connected with our Warriors For Life Virtual Support Groups TM.  This is a virtual video meeting to stay connected, care and share with each other after your time in Costa Rica!



Like we said, in additional to healing from your past and current situations, we provide real-time, training and development in the following areas:

Nutrition, Agriculture, Detox, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, and more...

Construction Trades: Heavy Equipment Operations, Building trades: electrical, plumbing, hvac, off-grid setup and more...

Technology: Computer skills development, Gaming programming, Web Design, and more...

Small Engine Repair: Motorcycles, Lawn Mowers, Chain saws, and more...

More training opportunities will be developed over time...

Real Skill Development


We have medical staff at the ready, nutritionists, wellness folks, meditation and more awaiting your arrival... to begin your path to wellness!


We help you develop new skills, new routines, new habits you can take back with you into a new job or new role in the same company!

Art Therapy

Did you know ART has much therapeutic value?  We intend to embrace this method for PTS and more...


Oh yeah, we almost forgot... we also have FUN!!!  Did you miss the part that we're in Costa Rica, one of the worlds premier spot to come to!  and YOU'll be right here in the midst!


Horses have a way of reaching somewhere deep within us and healing!

Come experience the power of this animal!


Ok, now the tough part right... How Much?

We pride ourselves on doing some amazing work with all who come through our readiness center, but we also need to keep the business working well.. and that means we do charge.

We are among the least expensive, partly due to being in Costa Rica, partly due to having Victory For Veterans as a partner and partly because the owners truly want to offer these services without breaking the bank.

Our pricing is very simple: $2,500 per week

To maximize effectiveness we require a minimum of 6 wks.We do have financing available and work with many insurance companies. 

Write, call, text, or chat with us to learn more and check our next open slot for you! 

VETERANS & FIRST RESPONDERS are free ~ gratis!


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